Liz Clarke

Liz Clarke, Canon Ball, Beacons, Icons and Dykons, Queer, Bristol, Performance, The Cube
Image: Cannon ball, The Cube, Bristol.


Liz Clarke: Beacons, Icons & Dykons resident glitter dispenser

Liz Clarke is a live artist, facilitator and performer. Her work is primarily concerned with the Body as Site and Object; exploring its boundaries and vulnerabilities in performance. Practicing in the spaces between theatre, cabaret and live art she questions what happens when the genres’ unwritten rules are broken, merged, unclassified, exploited. Her work is strongly connected with representing the Female through alienation, intimacy and construction of mythical Hyperfeminine archetypes.

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“Dripping in visual theatricality and glamorous camp humour; Liz  creates strong body-based work that is unflinching but tender, that is imbued with cultural references but that is nonetheless open and accessible. Her work has a generosity and intimacy that seems able to reach across audiences”

Dr Paul Hurley 


Boyz Magazine

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